BMG was founded in September 2010 and has since then specialized in the African automotive aftermarket. Focused on the needs of customers, BMG’s mission is to offer products with the promptness that the market demands, guaranteeing in this process the delivery of quality at a fair price, both for transacted products and for the services provided.


The commercial relations it establishes in an increasingly globalized market, tend to consolidate partnerships where it puts all the know-how acquired at the service of its client.


Under all corporate culture, five pillars are consolidated:

01Honesty in commercial conduct02Truth in the offer it offers03Competence in the services provided04Strictness in all the operations we perform05Humanization in all management acts


Know the product areas we cover.
• Motor oils
• Additives and car care
• Antifreeze
• Glues
• Water pumps
• Radiator cap
• Thermostats
• Brake pads
• Brake shoes
• Brake discs
• Master cylinder
• Wheel brake cylinder
• Caliper repair kit
• Cables
• Brake drum
Shock AbsorbersClutch
• Clutch kit
• Clutch plate
• Clutch disc
• Clutch releaser
• Clutchs master cylinder
• Clutch slave cylinder
• Cables
• Propshaft joints
• Engine mounting
• Drive shaft joint kit
BeltsDistribution and Bearings
• Timing belt kit
• Wheel bearing kit
• Bearings
• Tensors
• Retainers
Steering and Suspension
• Ball joint
• Tie rod end
• Sway bar suspension
• Steering lever
• Idler arm
• Track control arm
• Air filter
• Cabin air filter
• Oil filter
• Fuel filter
• Glow plug
• Spark plugs
• Ignition coils
• Cables
Engine Parts
• Engine bearings
• Piston rings
• Gaskets
• Pistons
• Cylinder liner
• Crankshaft pulley
• Oil pump
• Cylinder head
• Connecting Rod
• Cylinder head bolt
Other Products
• Lamps
• Wiper blade
• Fuel pumps
• Batteries


AddressRua de Nossa Senhora da Maia
No. 77, 1st floor, Room 11
4470-204 Maia, Portugal
Telephone(+351) 224 886 018
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